Communication Process


Communication is really a two-way process by which two persons or group exchange their ideas, messages, feelings, feelings, ideas, and speeches both orally and vocally. Communication works only if it’s effective and significant otherwise it produces many discrepancies. A famous author’s (Lawrence Clark Powell) quote completely justifies the above mentioned mentioned statement about communication i.e. ”Write to become understood, talk to be heard, read to develop.Inch

How Communication model works?

Based on the communication type of Shannon-Weaver, the entire process of communication flows through 8 different steps. These steps include source, encoder, message, funnel, noise, decoder, receiver and feedback. The origin may be the sender or someone who will begin communication to be able to convey his message, ideas or ideas. Encoder will decide the format of interpretation where the message is going to be addressed towards the funnel. Message may be the idea, inner feeling or considered that sender or source. Funnel may be the way via that the message is going to be sent i.e. verbal, non-verbal, and electronic or anything else as reported by the needs of sender. Noise is something that disrupts the content as it might be some physical distortion in addition to mental obstacle. Decoder will decode the content based on the receiver’s interests and abilities of comprehending the messages. Receiver may be the person with whom the sender really wants to say something and lastly she or he can give his reply by means of feedback that how she or he construed the sender’s message.

Effective communication:

Another famous author James Humes defines communication in the own way i.e. ”the art of communication may be the language of leadership”. Communication works only if the receiver completely is aware of exactly what the sender really wants to say whether vocally or orally. Not just in person communication works but really body gestures and gestures also convey the sender’s messages clearly. However, many obstacles become constraints while communication and therefore prevent individuals from being conveyed effectively.


The obstacles might be physical, social, emotional in addition to mental. Non-mindful listening plays big part in impeding individuals to communicate. Sometimes culture, language, background ideas also become obstacles in effective communication. People’s language and culture matters every time they talk to one another. Similarly, many people lose emotional reference to each other and therefore they become draw attention away from in the actual subject. The clear way of communication also counts a great deal while effective communication because individuals or receivers might not feel comfort using the speaker’s language, vocabulary and tone. Communication from remote places also becomes obstacle for sender and receiver because many people don’t know how to approach technology and a few draw attention away from because of background noise etc.

Ideas to communicate effectively:

Sender should clarify his message before promoting it to receiver. He or she must use proper phrases, vocabulary in addition to effective channels. Active listening is required for receiver if he’ll listen by remaining active then plenty of obstacles may be easily removed. Similarly, the communicators must develop empathy on their own parts so they have to know the emotions and concepts of each other. The gestures and body gestures must opt for the messages that your sender really wants to convey. Similarly, sender and receiver both should understand their calibers first (like background, culture, language etc.) after which move further. Communicators must give an opportunity to one another to ensure that both know what they need to explain. Respect must trouble the communication process that will bring effectiveness.

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